Raising The Bar
My name is Eric Westenburg.  I have owned and operated bars, restaurants and nightclubs for over twenty years in Lake Tahoe and Reno, Nevada.  I bartend, I attend to details, I entertain, I make guests feel wonderful and make them remember to just have fun.

When we owned our first bar in North Lake Tahoe, we realized a need for beverage catering.  Many people that visited our area were looking to host parties at their homes and other venues.  Serving parties outside of our physical location married wonderfully with our ongoing bar operation.  I was able to keep quality staff on payroll year round no easy feat in the seasonal lake Tahoe.

Seventeen years later, we have served a great many parties...and many, a Great Party.  We have brought bota bags of booze to snow covered mountaintop weddings and blenders full of tequila out to the center of Lake Tahoe.  We can excel at the standards and rock the creative.  

Depend on our team of professionals to make your next event a guaranteed success. Our staff is trained and developed to work events and we only serve quality products. We always play it safe with extra staff, and provide ample product to insure never running out of any item. We even have on-call staff we can call at any time in case of emergency. 

We create magical memories. We can take care of every detail, so you can enjoy this special time in your life! 

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